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Jerome Reinan and Jordana Griff Gingrass Honored as Lawyers of Distinction

Law Offices of J.M. Reinan, P.C.’s attorneys Jerome Reinan and Jordana Griff Gingrass are honored to have been named Lawyers of Distinction. The Honors of Distinction award recognizes attorneys who have demonstrated a high degree of peer recognition and professional competence, placing them in the top 10% of all attorneys in the United States.

Congratulations to the other attorneys recognized as Lawyers of Distinction this year – keep fighting the good fight!


The Colorado Court of Appeals recently issued an order affirming the District Court’s dismissal of a suit brought by Tamea Sisco and Aminokit against the Law Offices of J.M. Reinan and Jerome Reinan. The suit claimed that Reinan and ReinanLaw defamed Sisco and Aminokit by publishing links to lawsuits against Sisco and Aminokit on this Blog.

Both the District Court and Court of Appeals determined that Sisco and Aminokit’s suit against ReinanLaw were without merit and ordered that the case be remanded for a determination of fees and costs incurred by ReinanLaw in defending the action.

2016-08-04 Court of Appeals Opinion Sisco v. Reinan

Denver Post Publishes Article Regarding Potential Lawsuits Sparked by Northeast Denver Flood-Control Project

To read the article, including J Reinan’s comments on this hotly contested local issue, follow the link here:

Jordana Griff Gingrass Nationally Ranked Top 10 Attorney Under Age 40

Reinan Law attorney, Jordana Griff Gingrass, has received the prestigious honor of being named Top 10 Personal Injury Attorney Under 40 in the state of Colorado.

The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys (“NAOPIA”) is a Washington, D.C. based organization that champions those who practice in the area of personal injury law. NAOPIA goes through a rigorous selection process to vet out well-qualified and deserving attorneys for this award each year, ultimately choosing only 10 in each state.

Law Offices of J.M. Reinan, P.C. is proud of Jordana for this wonderful achievement, and appreciative of NAOPIA for recognizing those who, like her, work so hard for their clients. Congratulations to Jordana and all of the other attorneys honored this year – Keep up the good work!

Follow the link here to read more: NAOPIA – Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys Under Age 40 Denver, Colorado

2016 Great Race

J Reinan is gearing up to venture off once again for the 2016 Great Race. This year’s race begins in San Rafael, CA and has participants traveling east through Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa and ending in Moline, Illinois. This is the first time in 17 years that the Grace Race starts on the West Coast and travels east!

As J’s love for the race grows, so does the race itself, this year having the largest field of race cars ever.

Joined by family and friends, J will be driving a 1918 American LaFrance, which last participated in the Great Race in 1994.

To see a picture of this 9.5 liter beast, click here:

Paralyzed man sues Mercy over ‘reckless and dangerous conduct’

The Durango Herald published a news story today on a Reinan Law case headed to trial in March. Our client is a 43 year old man who was paralyzed in a car accident. After he returned home from the hospital, he hired Mercy Home Health, owned by Catholic Health Initiatives, to help him become acclimated to living at home with his paralysis. Our client alleges that Mercy staff had a packet of written policies that they were supposed to follow to make sure that he did not develop pressure sores. Our client further alleges that the staff did not follow these policies and, in fact, had never even received or been trained on them.

As a result, our client claims that he developed a Stage IV bedsore that go so large and so infected that it tunneled down to his spine. Because of his loss of sensation, he didn’t know about the sore until he started to smell its foulness. He admitted himself to the hospital after becoming critically ill.

To read the Durango Herald’s article, click here:

Paralyzed man sues Mercy over ‘reckless and dangerous conduct’

How to find a safe care center

J Reinan was interviewed by Channel 9 News this past Sunday, January 10, 2016, regarding the recently filed lawsuit involving Gerald Propp. The suit, which was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, alleges that Mr. Propp was beaten to death by another resident at Atria Park of Applewood, an assisted living facility in Lakewood, Colorado.

During the news interview, Mr. Reinan was asked the very important question of how one should go about finding the best care setting for his or her loved one.

To watch the full interview with Mr. Reinan’s helpful suggestions, follow this link:

To see how Channel 9 News reported on the lawsuit, click here:

Wrongful death, Colorado Consumer Protection Act and fraud lawsuit filed against assisted living facility for resident-on-resident abuse leading to death

The Law Offices of J.M. Reinan, P.C. filed a lawsuit today in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado on behalf of the surviving spouse of Gerald Propp. According to his death certificate, Mr. Propp died on February 23, 2015 of complications of blunt force injuries of the head.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Propp was a resident at Atria Park at Applewood, an assisted living facility located in Lakewood, Colorado. The suit alleges that Mr. Propp was placed at the facility in the Spring of 2014 due to his increasing dementia and based on the facility’s oral and written promises of twenty-four hour professional care and particular specialization in Alzheimer’s services. Mr. Propp’s wife toured numerous other facilities prior to deciding to place her husband at Atria based on its promises and representations.

The lawsuit further alleges that in December, 2014 Atria admitted another resident that it knew exhibited “significant behavior problems that seriously disrupt the rights of other residents,” and that “Atria knew, at the time of [the other resident’s] admission [he] had a propensity for exhibiting destructive and intentionally dangerous physical behaviors . . .”

This other resident was assigned as Mr. Propp’s roommate.

The suit alleges that during the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 there were numerous incidences of this other resident’s aggressive and intentionally violent conduct, but that appropriate measures were not taken in response to protect Mr. Propp and other vulnerable residents at the facility. On or around February 9, 2015 this resident physically attacked Mr. Propp, “result(ing) in visible injuries, including scratches and redness to the back of Mr. Propp’s neck. Atria’s executive director later told the [Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment] that this incident was investigated and was found not to be an instance of resident-on-resident abuse.”

On February 20, 2015, at approximately 1:00 p.m., the suit claims that this other resident again became agitated with Mr. Propp, resulting in an actual or threatened physical altercation.

On the morning of February 21, 2015, “an Atria caregiver heard Mr. Propp scream out for help. Upon arriving, one of the caregivers saw [the other resident] walking away from Mr. Propp’s bed. [He] was covered in blood and had blood all over the hands. [The other resident] told the caregiver, ‘If he says one more word, I’m going to kill him.’”

According to the suit, 911 was called and Mr. Propp was emergently transferred to the hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple facial fractures, including a broken nose, as well as multiple brain bleeds and a traumatic brain injury. Mr. Propp died two days later.

Mr. Propp’s wife has brought claims for Negligence Resulting in Wrongful Death, Violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act and Fraud.

To see how the media covered this story, click on a link below:

Law Offices of J.M. Reinan obtains $3.7 million verdict against drug treatment facility

Read the Denver Post article below:

Denver verdict: $3.7 million against drug treatment facility

Jordana Gingrass Named Colorado Rising Star by Super Lawyers

The 2015 list of Colorado Rising Stars was just announced, and the Law Offices of J.M. Reinan, P.C.’s very own Jordana Gingrass was selected!  Super Lawyers selects only 2.5% of licensed active attorneys in Colorado as Rising Stars, which makes this recognition a nice accolade.


Congratulations to all of this year’s Rising Stars! The sky’s the limit . . .


To view the listing, follow this link: Super Lawyers – Colorado 2015 Rising Stars