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Paralyzed man sues Mercy over ‘reckless and dangerous conduct’

The Durango Herald published a news story today on a Reinan Law case headed to trial in March. Our client is a 43 year old man who was paralyzed in a car accident. After he returned home from the hospital, he hired Mercy Home Health, owned by Catholic Health Initiatives, to help him become acclimated to living at home with his paralysis. Our client alleges that Mercy staff had a packet of written policies that they were supposed to follow to make sure that he did not develop pressure sores. Our client further alleges that the staff did not follow these policies and, in fact, had never even received or been trained on them.

As a result, our client claims that he developed a Stage IV bedsore that go so large and so infected that it tunneled down to his spine. Because of his loss of sensation, he didn’t know about the sore until he started to smell its foulness. He admitted himself to the hospital after becoming critically ill.

To read the Durango Herald’s article, click here:

Paralyzed man sues Mercy over ‘reckless and dangerous conduct’